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Question 1.
Answer a) 1 shot penalty.
As the ball hit your knee on the way down before the ground it should have been re-dropped.  As it was in your 1 club length relief area – it is a 1 shot penalty.  It would have been a 2-shot penalty if outside of the relief area
Rule 14.3b

Question 2.
Answer c) No penalty
You may clean your ball when taking relief.  The only times you are not allowed to clean your ball remain the same:
When lifting because of interference
When lifting or touching to identify your ball
When lifting to see if it is damaged
Rule 14.1c

Question 3.
Answer b) Place the ball in the relief area where it hit the ground.
Your ball must end up in the relief area.  This is more likely because you are only dropping from the knee height.  It is where it hit the ground from the second drop
Rule 14.3c

Question 4. Don’t forget, double points!!
Answer a) Sink to your knees look up and scream “WHY ME!!?”

We’ve all been there!


Question 1.
Answer c) No Penalty
Touching loose impediments in bunkers is now allowed.
Rule 15.1a

Question 2.
Answer b) Replace the ball – one shot penalty
As stones are now loose impediments and can be moved in a bunker, there IS a penalty if you cause your ball to move.
Rule 15.2a

Question 3.
Answer b) False. This has not changed.
You cannot take relief from an immoveable obstruction when it is an integral part of the penalty area.
Rule 16.1a

Question 4.
Answer b) Throw your club at your bag knowing full well it’s likely to break and then have to make the “walk of shame” into the shop to get it repaired whilst making some story up as to why it’s broken starting with “you won’t believe this…” you’re right, we won’t!

This was close… answer a) just got pipped!


Question 1.
Answer c) No penalty, play as it lies. It would be no penalty if striking it was by accident 
Whilst the new rule allows the ball to strike the flagstick, if you have requested it to be attended it cannot be deliberately left in.  It would be no penalty if striking it was by accident.
Rule 13.2b

Question 2.
Answer a) 1 shot penalty. This is the same as today.
Rule 9.5b

Question 3.
Answer a) True. This is damage to the green that is not through natural wear and tear.
Rule 13.1c

Question 4.
Answer c) Smile, say nothing making your partner think “this is coming back to haunt me at some stage”.

“You say it best, when you say nothing at all” We all know the song, go on, give us a verse!!


Question 1.
Answer a) 1 shot penalty, replace the ball.
This is as before – you cannot rotate it on the spot without marking it first. You must mark it before lifting or touching, but you no longer need to tell your opponent.
Rule 14.1a

Question 2.
Answer a) No penalty, replace the ball.
A ball can be accidently moved whilst searching but must be replaced. You replace to a similar place near by as the exact spot has changed with the embedding.  The embedded ball relief does not come into play as that was not as a result of the shot.

Question 3.
Answer c) No penalty.
You have 3 minutes per ball, so have only used 2 minutes for the provisional ball.

Question 4.
C) Don’t let it upset you, back your ability, win the match and mention at the handshake (although it has been mentioned that a handshake isn’t acceptable at the moment so a slight bow will be offered) “golf must be pretty tough when you cheat and still lose!”


Question 1.
Answer a) 1 shot penalty and replace ball.
If the ball was on the green it would be no penalty.
Rule 9.4b

Question 2.
Answer a) Replace the ball. If it moved by the wind before you had lifted it, then you would play from the new place.

Question 3.
Answer b) False. The ball should be placed not dropped and must be known or virtually certain the ball was there and moved.
Rule 9.6

Question 4.
Answer b) Run over to check they’re ok wiping your tears away after laughing so hard you couldn’t pick yourself up off the floor for a moment.

Answer c) was close!


Question 1.
Answer b) 2 shot penalty but the original shot doesn’t count.
In matchplay your opponent can decide whether to make you replay it but then there is no penalty
Rule 6.1b

Question 2.
Answer c) No penalty.
A spider’s web, whilst attached is a loose impediment
Rule 15.1a

Question 3.
Answer b) 5
Tee shot, 2nd shot to the green, putt into the bunker, penalty drop, putt into the hole

Question 4.
a) Look around to see if anyone else saw before dying a little inside and confessing to the mistake


We hope you’ve increased your knowledge and had a little fun along the way.