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Rules Quiz #2 Answers

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True or False

Question 1.
In Matchplay, player A putts from on the green and strikes player B’s ball which is also on the green.  A loses the hole.  ANSWER, FALSE

Question 2.
Stakes defining a penalty area that interfere with a player’s stance or swing may be moved by the player. ANSWER, TRUE

Question 3.
A player may have an out of bounds post that interferes with his stance or swing removed when playing his/her shot. ANSWER, FALSE

Question 4.
To identify a ball in the rough a player may rotate the ball in place without marking its position, providing they do not move it off its spot. ANSWER, FALSE

Question 5.
A ball embedded in the stacked turf edging a bunker is not in the bunker. ANSWER, TRUE

Multiple Choice

Question 1.
In a stableford competition a player has signed for the correct gross scores but the wrong points at one of the holes. What’s the ruling?

  1. a) There is no penalty as the gross scores are correct.
  2. b) The player is disqualified from the competition.


Question 2.
A player’s ball lies on the fringe of the green and they plans to putt the ball.  There is sand on the line of the shot, both on the fringe and on the green.  The player brushes all of the sand away….should they be penalised and if so by 1 or 2 shots?

  1. a) They incur no
  2. b) They incur a 2 shot
  3. c) They incur a 1 shot penalty.


Number of shots penalty

No penalty, One stroke, Two strokes or Disqualification.

Question 1.
In stroke play a player’s ball lies on the downslope of a bunker and they touch the sand on the backswing of their stroke. ANSWER, 2 SHOT PENALTY

Question 2.
In stroke play a player’s ball lies in a penalty area and they touch some growing grass on the backswing of their stroke. ANSWER 0, NO PENALTY

Question 3.
A player has been asked to lift their ball as it interferes with play.  The player lifts the ball and cleans it. ANSWER 1 SHOT PENALTY